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School Infra
School Infrastructure Services has established global expertise in programme management within both the public and private sectors. We have developed systems and processes that provide our clients with greater transparency and control in monitoring and delivering project portfolios. This provides our clients with greater confidence in a sector where priorities can often shift quite rapidly and unexpectedly. We have worked with both the public and private sectors developing programmes that are benchmarked against the world’s leading standards.

Critical to the success of any school is a clear education brief. We understand the importance of setting out the schools’ vision for learning and teaching, curriculum and school organisation. Our expertise is evident when translating these core objectives into key design principles and accommodation requirements. Through our global network we are able to offer specialist education advice to ensure that the design will be educationally fit for purpose. This means that the intended programme of learning is indeed what is delivered, without compromise.

Our teams of specialists are at the forefront of best practice and innovation in learning and teaching, curriculum and school organization. We have amassed a wealth of knowledge throughout the years, gained through developing and operating schools around the world. Our teams of specialists are adept at analysing the requirements of the curriculum to determine the optimum space requirements. This process of in-depth analysis ensures that our advice during the design stages of a project is solid, resulting in a building designed to maximise operational efficiency while accurately translating the requirements of the education brief

Our specialist Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment  team can provide our clients with a full comprehensive service in selecting, costing and acquiring all the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment needed for a project. Our service includes the preparation of layout drawings to show the relationship between the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment and the space in which it is to be located. This enables our clients to visualize the learning spaces and how they function.